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why do you want people to think that you're kind of a sex freak or a whore? i mean that's not something nice... do you really feel so bad about yourself? i think is pretty easy to notice that you only go after people who aren't woth it because only them say yes to you... so pathetic. i'm really sorry for u. stop trying so hard because i'm sure you're not even good at sex. come on you're like a 4 year old or somethin'

I was going to reply in a very sarcastic way but I’m not. I only talk about my sex life with my few close friends who have very similar sex lifes, I post things about it on here because I want to and because only 2 people that personally know me are aware of this blog. What I chose to say or do with my sex life is up to me and I can do whatever I want because I’m not causing any kind of damage to anyone. I’m sorry you’re very close minded and won’t accept that people like intimacy, I also never get into details on tumblr about it but I’m gonna tell you, I’ve only had sex with two people and they were very close to me, not even strangers that I randomly met. btw everybody is good at sex because it is natural to humans. Have a great life and try not to be so ignorant about intimacy!


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Whats new in your amazing life you lovely porcelain girl?

I feel like everything has changed but I can’t name it

Loving my hair

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